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Leaded Glass Double Pane

Lifetime Warranty

A very classy touch. Consider our Leaded Glass Option. You choose the pattern or style, and we'll do the rest. YES its real lead. YES we solder the joints. YES it gets antiqued. And YES we do it to double pane glass!
How can we do this?

Well here's the story. Back in the early 1900s, many homes around Seattle were built with wood windows and "leaded glass" patterns were very popular. The process is called "caming" and usually incorporated zinc, not lead. This caming involved cutting and piecing together small pieces of glass individually fitted to make the "artwork". This method worked fine with single pane glass but was often a little loose and would rattle or worse yet, let in cold air around the caming. Well, in today's world of high tech insulating glass, can we still get this beautiful leaded glass feature? Absolutely.

Here's how. We start with a single sheet of glass, cut to fit your new window. We lay out the pattern and adhere the lead stripping to the glass in any agreed upon design and with whichever width of leading you've chosen. (The lead comes in ¼", 3/8" or ½" and is flat on one side.) We then solder the joints and etch the lead with black "Patina". This creates a dark antiqued color. Next, we flip the sheet of glass and "match it up" exactly on the other side. Voila! We now have a pane of leaded glass that looks and feels like the old style.

Next, we add a spacer and another pane of glass to make the Lifetime Warranty double pane leaded glass unit that is then installed into the frame of whichever window you've chosen. Note: The leading work is always applied to the "inboard" pane only. (You can touch the leading from inside the home, but not the outside.)

One more thing. Although most application of Leaded Glass by Procraft is used with our Lindal wood framed windows, the leading process can be applied in nearly all of our product lines. And its not just for older homes, it's a great and gorgeous application in the more modern homes too. And the price is surprisingly low! Just call and ask us about it. And thanks for your interest!